Welcome to our Learning Library !

The Rotary E-Club of SOWNY often provides online presentation programs.  Everyone is welcome to register for our presentations and join us online.  We use the online meeting tool ZOOM.  

Programs are typically video recorded.  They are posted to this to site so that if our E-Club members and guests missed the presentation live, they can visit this website page, click on the video and/or PowerPoint presentation and watch the program.  

We invite all Rotarians and non-Rotarians alike to view our video presentations and any of the items posted to our Library of Programs.  We aim to develop and maintain an interesting array of topics and educational experiences for the 'benefit of all' and in service to all. Also, check out our selected TED TALKS which have been carefully chosen for Rotarians.   

If you enjoyed visiting our Library of Programs, we encourage you to make a donation to our E-Club.  Donations help us to offset the cost of technology and communication tools and ensure that we may continue to provide stellar programs.  
Thanks for joining us online! 

The Rotary E-Club of SOWNY

PS  If you would like to recommend a topic or guest speaker to our club, please email us at Programs@rotaryeclub7090.org